CoFIRED releases list of DACA-related demands

September 5, 2017

  1. Immediately release a statement that confirms Dartmouth's commitment to the safety of undocumented students and reiterates the college's support for diversity and inclusion.

  2. Declare, along with Safety and Security, that they will not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in localizing and detaining students. There is reason to believe that Hanover Police officers cannot enter the campus without the permission of the College administration. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are also subject to similar restrictions based on a 2011 Memo regarding places of worship, schools and hospitals (

  3. Release or create an action plan on what the college will do in case any of its students are persecuted under deportation orders while on campus.

  4. Reduce any undocumented immigrants’ student contributions to 0 and provide those funds through financial aid. The repeal of DACA would bar undocumented students from being able to legally work and would therefore require Dartmouth’s investment to pay for educational costs.

  5. Provide funds for legal resources for undocumented students and their families. It is unjust to believe that a student is able to perform well while they or their families are under threat of deportation. The college should make the application for these funds simple and easily  accessible.

  6. Publicize and make available mental health support resources that undocumented students can access.

  7. Condemn the termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which is also under threat of being repealed, and would devastate many Salvadoran, Haitian, and Honduran families. Providing legal and mental health resources for these families is crucial.

  8. Provide sensitivity training for staff and faculty on undocumented students’ rights and the availability of resources to ensure these rights.

  9. Prohibit and condemn hateful language, threats, and reporting students to immigration agencies, which should result in disciplinary actions.

  10. Contact bus companies that students use in order to travel to and from Dartmouth, and make their policies on allowing Border Patrol agents on their buses public. The college’s response to any student who may be detained on a bus should also be made public via their action plan.

President Hanlon's response

September 5, 2017
"I am deeply disappointed in President Trump's decision to rescind the
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, known as DACA.

Since my very first campus communication on the matter last November,
Dartmouth, as an institution, has repeatedly made it clear that we view the
continuation of DACA as both a moral imperative and a national necessity. We
are a community that values diversity with the knowledge that it significantly
enhances the quality of an education and DACA therefore is a contributing
factor to the success of the College.

Over the next six months, College officials will be in direct communication
with members of Congress to continue our strong and vocal advocacy for DACA or
a new piece of legislation that would ensure that those who were brought to
this country as children and had obtained legal status under DACA can continue
to pursue their studies freely and without fear. At the same time, we will do
everything in our power, within the bounds of the law, to support these members
of our campus community most directly affected by potential changes and
challenges to our nation's immigration laws and will continue to decline to
disclose information about students except as required by law."

Next steps

President Hanlon and the Dartmouth administration have failed to fully met the demands set by CoFIRED. In addition to these demands we have identified alternative transportation options as an essential need for our undocumented students and their families. Since Summer 2017 there have been two incidents of federal agents asking Grey Hound passengers for documentation. Both the Grey Hound and the Dartmouth Coach travel on routes that susceptible to Border Control checkpoints which puts the safety of our undocumented community members at risk. We demand that administration provide safer routes for our students and other community members to travel to and from campus.