TPS Memo

While the national conversation is centered around DACA and the future of the DREAMers, there is another coalition of migrants whose futures are uncertain: those with temporary protected status (TPS). TPS is a status that allows foreign citizens living in the US to continue to reside here if they are unable to return safely to their countries due to circumstances such as civil war or environmental disaster. Recently, such protection has been revoked from people native to Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, and Nepal, leaving the future of many students and their families undetermined. Deportation would mean sending people to countries they do not know, where they may no longer have family. Although they came here legally, revoking TPS means they can be deported at a moment’s notice.

Students affected by this policy or undocumented students dealing with deportation must not only navigate academic life at Dartmouth but must focus on the safety of themselves and their families. Many must help family members with legal cases, put their studies on hold to travel home unexpectedly, or are expected provide financially for their families. 

CoFIRED continues to support students and families who have been affected by the current political administration and will continue to keep the student body informed on developments and how they can help. In addition, CoFIRED wants to hold Dartmouth administration and faculty accountable in supporting our students. With these policies casting uncertainty in the lives of many, it is important for faculty and staff to be conscious of the effects these policies have and advocate for resources within departments.