Immigrant Community Support Fund (ICSF)


Know someone in need of help?

CoFIRED has partnered with UVRWG to create the Immigrant Community Support Fund, a fund open to anyone residing in the Upper Valley. This fund aims to alleviate the financial burden on anyone facing immigration-related issues.

If you or someone you know needs immigration-related help, please click here (or below), download, and fill out the application. You may fill it out electronically or print it and drop it off at PO Box 5154, Hanover NH 03755. Or pick up the application in person and drop it at our mailbox.

Please reach out to CoFIRED with any questions about the fund. We also understand that not every stressor is strictly financial, and would be glad to assist with pointing anyone towards other kinds of resources or help.

Interested in giving back?

We invite you to donate to the Immigrant Community Support Fund. All proceeds will go directly to Upper Valley immigrants in need of help.

ICSF application

Please click here to access the application in English. The application may be submitted electronically or as a hard copy. Download and print the application and drop it off at PO Box 5154, Hanover NH 03755, or fill it out electronically and email it to CoFIRED at